What we believe

This love is demonstrated in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God's Son, whom we meet in the pages of the Bible and who may be experienced in our everyday lives.
We believe Jesus calls us to follow him, and his way, personally in our lives, and gives us the strength and gifts of the Holy Spirit to help us.
We are committed to personal/corporate prayer in all aspects of our faith and witness.
We believe we are called to share our knowledge of Jesus with others so that our families, friends, neighbours and casual acquaintances may be encouraged to follow Jesus for themselves.
We seek to be the home of the family of Jesus Christ where all who come are welcomed, supported, and encouraged to respond to God, in Jesus, who forgives and leads us.

Follow me, said Jesus

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“OUR CALLING” of the Methodist Church prioritises the following:-

WORSHIP : The Church exists to  increase awareness of God’s presence and to celebrate God’s love.

LEARNING AND CARING :The Church exists to help people to learn and grow as Christians, through mutual support
and care.

SERVICE : The Church exists to be a good neighbour to people in need  and to challenge injustice.

EVANGELISM :The Church exists to make more followers of Jesus Christ.